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what would you say to someone who says they want to kill them self? ; -;


i would ask that person to sit with me for a moment and beg their patience, and let me tell them a small story with immense importance. 

did they know that, since the start of the universe, the same amount of matter has existed? whether one believes in souls and reincarnation and spirts, science tells us that we have existed in hundreds of other forms before this one. mass can not be destroyed or created. what we are now we have been for millions years, in the heart of a star, the fang of giant hunting cats long lost to our memory, trees that grew on this land before human beings ever stepped foot on earth’s untainted ground.

but for all these past forms and past lives, what we are now, we will never be again. this is the only time ever, in the span of time itself, that a person will be what they are in this moment. the shade of your eyes, the smile that pulls up only one side of your lips, the way you walk when joy fills your mind. 

every improbable force in existence came together to create us as we are right now, while we take these breaths, while we sit here, wondering our purpose- a glorious and unprecedented miracle, every fate lining up just so to create you. 

an infinite universe of infinite possibilities, and you are here, a gift from the cosmos, who created you and whispered go, find your way, live and thrive and know that against all chance you were made as you are right now, perfect and imperfect and completely whole.

and in the face of something so immense, i would sit and ask the person to not give up that gift. to consider that they hold a universe within them, as infinite as the stars above, as powerful, as bright, as all-consuming, as terrible and wonderful. they will never be this again. 

has the person in question done everything they ever wanted to do with this gift of life? climbed the peaks of mountains to touch the sky as they dreamed as a child? felt the warmth of sand under their legs on a faraway beach, surrounded by friends they love? have they given themselves a chance to meet every person that will click with them just so, become a part of them, drawn into their orbit like a moon to a planet? 

life isn’t over. life has just begun. and when we look down a bottle of pills or the barrel of a gun and wonder why, why am i here, why don’t i give it up, we have to remember that infinity exists within us. the world is within our fingertips, our palms. there is so much we haven’t done yet, we haven’t experienced.

you will never be what you are now, never again. don’t forfeit the beauty of that. take your pain and turn it into determination, into the knowledge that you will never, ever give up, because you deserve to live. because you are a child of fire, of dreams, of the stars, and giving up cannot and will not be an option.

you have so many things to live for, and you were made to live for them. please do not give that up.


did i ever post pics of ishimarukiyotaka and i twinning






au where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate

ADDITIONALLY: when your soulmate dies, the world goes back to black and white


No but can you imagine having a normal day at work or running errands but then everything suddenly goes black and white.



if you’re ever sad just imagine your favorite character with hiccups


Kenny Park




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I really hate asking you this but... can you write me a love letter? I never had a love letter written to me and I always had crushes but never been the one to be fancy about. Please? If not, it's okay! I don't want to pressure you.


I love you more than Onew loves chicken. I’d give up whispering JYP before every song for you. I’d be able to get you a shirtless picture of T.O.P for you. Taemin would rip his pants for you any day. Taeyang is too shy to take off his shirt because you’re too beautiful. Sunggyu opened his eyes for you.


Rainy streets by Sandro Bisaro on Flickr.


watashi came out here to have a sugoi time and watashi honestly am feeling so attack on titan right now